Monte Mor Sanitary Sewage

Monte Mor Sanitary Sewage

The development’s main feature was the variation of the geological conditions, which required the use of advanced construction technologies to overcome the existing challenges.


Execution of the sanitary sewage system works in the municipality of Monte Mor, including collection networks, interconnections, collection trunks, sewage pumping stations and sewage pumping lines.


Sabesp – Monte Mor


01/15/2013 thru 05/15/2015 (2 years and 4 months)


R$ 21.180.287,24

Population served

50.006 inhabitants


• Trunk collectors with diameters ranging from 200 mm e 800 mm: 8.700,00 m
• MND (pipe jacking), 800-mm diameter 800 mm: 832,36 m
• MND (directional drilling – HDD) 560 mm: 332,33 m
• Sewage pumping lines with diameters ranging from 250 mm to 500 mm: 5,656.00 m
Sewage pumping stations:
• EEE2.1: flow 45.45 L/S; power: 56 CV, with a 142 KVA generator
• EEE2.2: flow: 186.28 L/S; power: 176 CV, with a 180 KVA generator, including a complete pre-treatment station
• flow: 208.85 L/S; power: 105 CV, with an 81 KVA generator and a mechanical grating system; built with the help of geotechnical consolidation by means of jet grouting
• flow: 238.30 L/S; power: 360 CV, with a 180 KVA generator and mechanical grating system, substation for 500 KVA and a shelter for panels and generators; built with the help of geotechnical consolidation by jet grouting and micropiles
Technology adopted: Pipe jacking, jet grouting