Get to know a little more about our work


ENPASA has actively been in the market for over 30 years executing civil engineering and infrastructure works, both for the public and the private sectors, and meeting the many different market needs, such as the execution of water and sewage collection and treatment systems as well as infrastructure works, including pavement.


In the civil engineering area, we develop special works such as complex aquatic and sports complexes directed to people with special needs, among others.


Enpasa’s purpose is to offer tailored solutions to better serve its clients and society. Throughout these three decades, the company has won satisfied clients with which we have a long-lasting relationship with high-quality and efficient services. Thirty years and 100% of our projects delivered.
The company’s DNA is in its experienced and qualified technical team, who ensure the safety, perfection and agility in the execution of the projects.


Attuned to market trends, Enpasa counts on modern and high-performance equipment and technology, such as those for the execution of pipe jacking, which allows for the execution of a greater breadth of sanitation works.


Enpasa is always attuned to market novelties and concerned with retaining its qualified team to use cutting-edge equipment.
For example, Pipe Jacking: we are one of the few companies in Brazil that counts on this technology, which was imported from Germany and allows us to execute MND projects with much more efficiency, quality and safety.


Thirty years executing projects in several segments, Enpasa has specialized in four infrastructure project categories to offer its clients high-quality services.

  • Sanitation


  • Earthworks
  • Transportation

    Road works

  • Public Equipment

    Sports and culture
    Public buildings